Fabulous Foodies Feasting – thanks to all

Thanks to you all for making this such a memorable year at golosi. With such delectable food always available we get compliments every day, and sometimes we really get an opportunity to shine for you in a personal way.

I’d love to share some testimonials with you

** We’re really grateful to you Selena for the thought, time, care and attention to quality & detail evident in what you did for us. From the outset you created confidence that we could rely on you and you didn’t let us down. Our circumstances in recent times meant xmas was going to be pretty difficult. Thank u for saving the day. K.W. x

** Hey guys! Just letting you know you’ve been featured in The Stumble Guide on The Weekend Edition GOld Coast, which launched today! Make sure you sleep in, slow down and enjoy this weekend..

** Kahrissa Holz
We constantly buy bread and other goodies from golosi food emporium and every single things has been more than perffect and so fresh – better than any bread i have bought anywhere on the Gold Coast in fact !!

** Amber Walker
finally made it into your beautiful shop!! I loved it and your staff are wonderful xx

I wish you all a really happy New Year

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