What’s New

  • jamalicious
    These delicious jams and chutneys are a small selection of our locally made Jamalicious range. Come in and grab some today. You won’t be disappointed!
  • foot_baths
    foot baths
    foot baths, vegan body butters, lip balms and body scrubs have arrived thanks to the lovely laura.
  • ct_pastas
    ct pastas
    just a few flavours in our fantastic gluten free ct pastas.
  • amaretti
    beautiful amaretti cookies have arrived from italy. available in both soft and crunchy that are perfect little gifts.
  • hand_made_cheeses
    hand made cheeses
    each of these cheeses are handmade in adelaide with traditional french methods. all organic, and in some cases biodynamic, they are truly delicious!
  • fathers_day_gift
    fathers day gift
    a belated fathers day gift being delivered to a much loved dad.
  • belgian_recipes
    belgian recipes
    locally made, to belgian recipes @belgiandelights are beautiful gifts!
  • fresh_baguettes
    fresh baguettes
    fresh baguettes just delivered ☺️
  • salty_peanut
    salty peanut
    pretty excited with these @byronbaycacao yummies!
  • delicious_treats
    delicious treats
    need a few ideas for father’s day? we have sooooo many delicious treats in store. @delicaseyschocolates are a fantastic start!
  • pie_day
    pie day
    seems like a pretty good day pie day to me! get one hot from the oven, a frozen take home family size or even mini party pies. @boscastlepies are the best!
  • cardamom
    looking for a perfectly simple dessert? thanks to @nehasindianinspired your affogato made with cardamom ice cream will wow your guests!
  • vegetable_stack
    vegetable stack
    gluten free vegetable stack. perfect lunch on the run.
  • dixie_cup_ice
    dixie cup ice
    crazily excited by these amazing artisan Dixie cup ice creams from @gundowring! fourth generation victorian dairy farmers that deserve to be acknowledged ☺️????
  • sriracha_sauce
    sriracha sauce
    it’s back ! sriracha sauce.
  • authentic_mexican
    authentic mexican
    authentic mexican products are in store!
  • Fresh Pasta
    fresh pasta
    incredibly excited about stocking range of fresh pasta.
  • Butter Croissants
    butter croissants
    Beautiful flaky butter croissants has just arrived
  • Almond Croissants
    almond croissants
    fresh almond croissants have arrived
  • dark chocolate honeycomb
    dark chocolate honeycomb
    organic, vegan, gluten free dark chocolate honeycomb.
  • Caramel chocolate balls
    caramel chocolate balls
    holy deliciousness ! organic salted caramel chocolate balls!
  • Tridosha
    salt like no other. tremendous on everything … so more-ish. brings colour to any dish.
  • Champagne-Strawberries
    champagne strawberries
    the best kept secrets are the most divine.
  • Award-Winning-Brie
    award winning brie
    cheese louise. this triple cream style brie hides a layer of vine ash which adds complexity to flavour and provides a visual treat for cheese platters. don’t be fooled this is not blue vein; this is a rich creamy brie and something very different.
  • Perfect-organic
    perfect organic accompaniment
    anything but flat – flatbread
  • Sol-Cleanse-Juice
    sol cleanse juice in store
    juice to make you feel wonderful – designed for cleansing the system
  • Viva-Mexio
    viva mexio
    moods of mexico – inspired by their colourful and flambouyant culture
  • Truffle
    truffle for days!!! tamar valley truffle products are perfect for this rainy day. choose from:
    * truffle oil * truffle mustard * truffle honey * truffle salt * truffle risotto * truffled cheddar
  • cluster roses
    cluster roses
    stunning cluster roses.
  • pane croccante
    pane croccante
    these delicious pane croccante are a perfect addition to any cheeseboard.
  • carnations
    The carnations this morning are beautiful!
  • Tiramisù classico
    tiramisù classico
    holy smokes! ☺️Best tiramisù ever. an institution in rome since 1960
  • australian cultured butter
    australian cultured butter
    the best butter. nothing left to say.
  • organic sourdoughs
    organic sourdoughs
    fresh organic sourdoughs and pastries are in – all the way from mullumbimby.
  • panettone
    there is nothing quite like these pannetone – guaranteed to make every cell in your system sing like an angel.
  • Smoked-Honey
    smoked honey
    Just in time for Christmas, this incredible smoked honey is perfect for your baked ham, pork, ribs or even served with cheese!
  • Macadamia-Spread
    macadamia spread
    mmmm macas with added yummmmmies.
  • Desert-Cups
    dessert cups
    Get the cups and start filling with your imagination.
  • Gift-Tags
    gift tags
    a gift of love in vibrant colours.
  • Handmade-Boards
    handmade boards
    byron bay craftsman made boards. the perfect party serving platters.
  • TakeHome-Dim-Sum
    takehome dim sum
    easy delicious. delicious easy. just delicious.
  • White-Gift-Tags
    white gift tags
    pretty up your gifts with these.
  • Willow-Vale-Relishes
    willow vale relishes
    extend the season’s fare with some spectacular relishes – for a whole new experience.
  • Family-SIze-Pies
    family size pies
    award winning australian made gourmet pies.
  • Icecream
    Neha’s is dedicated to matching amazing Indian flavours with fabulous Aussie ingredients to make palates dance!
  • Portugese
    rustic style
    beautiful new homewares range from portugal has arrived. perfect for christmas!
  • Baby-Figs
    baby figs
    indescribably delicious with soft and blue cheese, in salads, with duck and pork or with mascarpone, yoghurt or ice cream.
  • Brackendale-Teas
    brackendale tea
    simply “the perfect cup of tea” loose leaf naturally.
  • Italian Aged Balsamics
    italian aged balsamics
    If you’re looking for that special gift, our range of limited edition Italian aged balsamics has arrived.
  • Tenteram Products
    Tenteram Products
    Support local producers and reap the benefits! These gorgeous pastes are handmade in the Currumbin Valley and are dairy, gluten and preservative free. They are also vegan friendly!
  • Nettare-d-Olivio
    Nectar infused extra virgin olive oils… from Liguria to add their special essence of flavour to your cooking.
  • Baklava--300x300
    Try this gold medal winning traditional walnut & pistachio baklava; or halva cake made with tahini, dark chocolate and roast almonds.
  • Secret Pantry Preserves
    Secret Pantry Preserves
    Fruits poached with a soft syrup – perfect with your favourite icecream or invent your own dessert.
  • Bacon and Turkey Breast 300x300
    Bacon and Turkey Breast
    Sliced to order from our range of cold larder in the delicatessen.
  • Loulouby2 Cnadles
    Loulouby2 Candles
    Candles hand made in the local area. Go from “wild frangipani’’ to ‘parisienne lavender”  – there is a scent for all your travel memories and/or wish-lists.
  • mini melting moments
    Gorgeous mini melting moments
    Raspberry white chocolate, chocolate salted caramel, traditional lemon, raspberry passionfruit. Life’s short. Enjoy every mini moment.
  • Italian Olive Oil
    Italian Olive Oil
    Nettare Amphora (Ceramic) Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Liguria – Italy. Made from: Taggiasca, Biancolilla & Leccino Olives